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Mountainview Church

At Mountainview Church all are welcome. No one is left out. We want you at our celebration.

We want to invite you to experience the adventure of a lifetime – following Jesus.


We don’t believe that following Jesus is boring. It’s not all about complying with a set of rules. Being united in Christ does not mean we become uniform.


Jesus invites us -and he’s inviting you- into a life that is full and abundant. A life that may not be free from pain or difficulty, but it is a relationship with the Divine who said He would always be with us.


At Mountainview you’ll find a growing church of diverse people from varying socio-economic backgrounds and a spectrum of political views.


What binds us together?



His love, His grace, and His mission are to invite all into the family of God.

Join us. There’s room at the table for you.

Joddi-Jay Babcock

Lead Pastor


Love God, love people, make disciples.

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