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We refer to the Bible as God’s Word.

The Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus…and Jesus changes everything. 

We believe the Bible has the power to change and transform you and how you see and interact with the world. In fact, we believe it can transform whole communities if people will start to believe what it says and pattern their lives after the Jesus that it reveals.


For Christians (we like to say “Jesus follower”), it’s essential to know what the Bible actually says in context rather than relying on the verses you may hear at church, on TV, in the movies, or on social media. 


In 2023, we are reading it together as a congregation!


The Bible in One Year reading plan and the Bible Recap podcast are powerful tools for not only reading the Bible but also understanding it. For this plan, it is important to start at the beginning regardless of what time of year.


Link to The Bible in One Year website.


However, there are other great plans available on the YouVersion app to introduce you to God’s Word. 

Bible Page

Also, there are updated translations that are more readable and easier to understand than the older versions. Pastor JJ likes the New Living Translation (NLT).  


Which translation you read is less important than for you to actually start read it.


Do you want more information or have questions?


We want to hear from you. Please fill out the online connection form, and one of our leaders will respond to you.

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