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what is a free methodist anyway?

Mountainview Church is a Free Methodist congregation of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church USA.

First and foremost, we love Jesus and want others to love Him too.

Jesus died for our sins (all the wrong things we have ever done) and made it possible for us to be forgiven. That's not all!

Jesus rose from the dead, proving that He is greater than death.

Jesus did all this to be in a relationship with YOU! When you place your trust in Him and invite Him to rule in your life, you are adopted into God's family. He gives you a new life and a fresh start.

As Free Methodists, we also value our Wesleyan spiritual heritage, which emphasizes serving the poor, a long-standing commitment to justice and freedom, and the ordaining of women.

For more information about Free Methodist distinctives, click here.

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